Monday, May 14, 2012

Making your marketing dollar work for you

At iRIS Property we are dedicated to giving you the best possible marketing strategy to make your marketing dollars work hard for you.

A great marketing strategy will give you the best chance of creating interest and competition for your home or investment.

Marketing encompasses many options such as print media, online listings, signage, flyers, promotional articles, special mentions in newsletters and updates to our database of purchasers and posts on our social media sites such as Facebook and the iRIS Property blog.

It is important to think of marketing dollars as an investment - consider the ROI (return on investment) . It may seem like another expense but in fact, great marketing leads to more people being made aware of your property and this increased exposure leads to faster sales and great prices.

You only need to reach one buyer but it takes considerable marketing to find them. Strategic, well placed marketing from iRIS helps connect you with the people you need to know about.

Call today to discuss our unique approach to getting the results you want.

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