Monday, May 14, 2012

Reasons to feel positive about the property market

Are you feeling uncertain about entering the property or investment market ?

Let's look at some sound reasons why it's a great time to get on board.

* Interest rates are low and the banks are jostling for your business so take advantage of the opportunity to negotiate a great rate and deal. It's a fabulous time to lock in a discounted interest rate so you have peace of mind about your mortgage payments in the future.

* This is a great time for housing affordability. With lots of property for sale you can negotiate some fantastic bargains

* This is an amazing time for those who are happy to enter the market when others are being cautious - you have your pick of properties and sellers are keen to work with you.

* There is a longstanding, trackable record of capital growth in Australia. A medium to long term approach to property investment is always wise.

* For investors rental returns have taken an upturn and provide great return on investment.

*The Hawkesbury is a fabulous option for families looking for an improved lifestyle on a reduced price compared to the Sydney market. Within easy driving/commuting distance to the city and suburbs with a lower mortgage and great rural lifestyle - perfect for kids and families.

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